Email Newsletters for Front-end Developers

Email has gotten a bad name for itself over the last decade. Spammers, phishers and Nigerian Princes have mastered it. Even Facebook now has their own version of email.

I like it email, so long as it’s heavily filtered using Gmail filters and used solely for pushed content that I want to receive. RSS is a great way to keep up on your favorite content but it can be burdensome to make sure you have all the right content. If you signup for the right email newsletters, that’s all done for you. You may have to endure a few ads, but the content selection is superior rather than filtering it yourself.

Javascript & Programming


Because every developer should be in touch with current events.


Now I Know is a newsletter that details something random every day. Can be very interesting or sent to the delete box immediately. If you have a few minutes to read something new every day, this is a good newsletter.